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Transfer DID to external cell phone



I have a requirement to transfer several DID #'s for our executives to their cell phone numbers.  I'm wondering if there is a better way to set this up than my current setup.


Right now I have the DID pointing to an internal extension.  The internal extension then has a CFA rule setup to the cell phone number.  The problem with this setup is that it seems to take between 20-25 seconds for the callers phone to start ringing, making it seem like the line could be dead or not connected.  When I take off the CFA rule it rings the extension immidiatly so i'm assuming the delay is caused by the call forward rule.

The DID's are coming in through a SIP trunk.


Other ideas that came to mind was sending the DID to a Call Handler in Unity connect and then have the Call Handler directed to the extension with the call forward rule however I was trying to set that up this morning and wasn't able to.   The executives are fine with a greeting that would say something like "please wait while we transfer your call".

We are using CUCM/Unity 8.6.2. 

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Why not SNR?

Why not SNR?



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do I need a physical desk

do I need a physical desk phone setup for SNR?


The internal extension i'm pointing the DID to is just a DN, not used by anything but call forward to the cell phone.   I created a 'test' user yesterday and programmed a SNR phone number however when I call in, it's hitting Unity connect right away before even ringing.

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Below is one of the best link

Below is one of the best link which describes SNR configuration in CUCM.




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thanks.  I setup SNR for

thanks.  I setup SNR for testing purposes.  However as mentioned it has a requirement for a desk phone.  I don't want the users regular extension to dial the cell phone, just the DID incoming number.


it seems going with SNR I would have two options.  Setup a phone somewhere in a back room and have multiple DN's assigned to it, use this phone specifically for the DID/DN's.

Setup a secondary DN on all the users existing desk phone that have a DID.   Forward the DID to the secondary DN and setup SNR.

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If you don't want desk phones

If you don't want desk phones to do this, then you can also use translation patterns, might be that help you.



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I'm using translation

I'm using translation patterns to point the incoming DID to a specific DN.

If no users need to admin

If no users need to admin this CFA number, just translate directly to the PSTN number (make sure the CSS allows it).

We're doing this now with Mobile Remote Access/Jabber on the mobile device.  This works well but you'll need to upgrade to 10.


Good luck!

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Thanks Kevin.  We are

Thanks Kevin.  We are planning an upgrade to 10 in the near future but it's weeks if not month+ away so need to figure something out in the meantime.

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