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Transfer direct to Unity VM from third party PBX

I have a Avaya G3 connected to Unity via PIMG, is there a way to transfer direct to a VM box from a phone?

Cisco Employee

Re: Transfer direct to Unity VM from third party PBX

Normally this kind of feature is implemented on the phone system. From the VM system's point of view, the incoming call will look identical to a call forwarded from the subscriber's phone. For example, CCM allows you to configure a Vm profile and CTI route point for this.

I think the G3 has a feature called "Transfer to AUDIX" that works similarly for Avaya voicemail systems. I haven't tried it myself but maybe it can be bent to work with PIMG sitting in place of the AUDIX.

Re: Transfer direct to Unity VM from third party PBX

try this:

When the person you have on the line, hit the transfer button, dial the Unity Pilot number,

You will hear "enter your password, followed by #"

You can actually hit # to backout of that menu, then dial the extension you are trying to transfer to voicemail followed by #2.

So the combination is:

Transfer button

dial Unity pilot

# to backout

extension of mailbox +#2 xxxx#2

hang up.

You can probably create another pilot number for unity and have not go directly to sign for this number. Then train your users to use this combination. You can skip the # to backout option.

Try it. At least you know it works until you can figure out an easier way with a call handler or short cut.


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