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transfer direct to voicemail

I have seen this article in many posts but it won't work in my senerio

It says Note: This option is only possible if the E.164 address is not already used for other purposes

I have a client that we installed 3 CCME routers and 2 of the 3 have a NM-CUE. I have set the number to be their 10 digit number and their E.164 number to be their 4 digit extension which is also the last 4 digits of their DID number.

How can I get the receptionist the ability to send a call directly to the users voice mail without ringing the phone?

I tried adding the number ahead of the extension and then the CFB and NA would go to the 5 digit number but that created an issue calling and getting voicemail from the remote sites so I went back to the 4 digit number.

Any thoughts would be great

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Re: transfer direct to voicemail

What is the purpose of setting the extension to their 10 digit number? It seems that you could make the extension their 4 digit extension and use the e.164 for the 5 digit as described in the link. If your current setup is necessary for some reason, you can use a voice translation rule to accomplish this.


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Re: transfer direct to voicemail

I am getting 10 digits for the Telco. I think when I change the number to the 4 digit I cannot get an incoming call for the PSTN. I can create a test DID and test. I will advise if that works. If it does I will also have to check on inter 4 digit calling and accessing voicemail.


Re: transfer direct to voicemail

I thought you just hit transfer, dial unity, dial the mailbox followed by #2 and transfer


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Re: transfer direct to voicemail

Don't think so atleast when I try as so as I hit transfer and the Pilot number it goes to Unity but for the caller not the receptionist. The receptionist wants to send the caller directly into the voicemail box for the person the caller wants.


Re: transfer direct to voicemail

Right, so if you a pilot number in Unity for sub-sign, then when the front desk presses the voicemail button it says "enter your password then press #.

(if unity out of the box)

If you hit the * key and it will backout to the default Unity menu, now enter the mailbox, followed by #2 you should here the persons greeting.

You can always just setup a transfer extension and so when you call Unity, you get a CallHandler saying "enter the extension you wish to transfer to vmail to followed by #2

Then the tell the front desk the transfer extensions say 2000

She has someone hold

She presses the transfer button, caller goes on hold.

She gets dial tone

she dials 2000

2000 hits Unity, CallHandler plays above

Caller Input is configured to enter in extensions

Front Desks enters in the subscriber ext followed by #2 and hits transfer

caller is connected to voicemail box of requested subscriber in unity, not the phone

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Re: transfer direct to voicemail

Sorry, as sson as I hit the message button or dial the pilot it drops the receptionist off the call and the caller is connected to the VM system but the general message not the users voice mail message. Don't know of any way to keep that call holding to dial in the ext. and the #2??


Re: transfer direct to voicemail

Even if you did not hit the transfer key, you dial into Unity. (not Direct, because direct from a phone with vm will give you "enter your password then press #"

Dial into unity

"Cisco Unified Messaging System at anytime you may dial the extension you wish to reach blah blah blah"

Dial the person you want to leave a message for followed by #2 Unity will dump you directly into their voicemail box

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