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Transfer to VM

Customer I'm at wanted to be able to transfer to VM like they did on their old system. So, I created a Call Handler at 1568 that would just answer the call. That way, they could just perform the sequence "trnfr, 1568# (extno) #2, trnfr".

This works fine for anyone with a VMBox on the system, but if you don't have a VMBox, when you hit the sequence "# (extno)#2", it comes back saying "I did not recognize that entry".

Am I doing something wrong with this?

What it looks like is happening is that when you have a VMBox, it goes direct to AttemptSignIn, SubSignIn, SubscriberSignIn, so the #... sequence does what it's supposed to do.

However, if you don't have a VMBox on the system (like the switchboard operators), it goes to AttemptSignIn, PHTransfer, PHGreeting - play greeting for Opening Greeting.

Am I just missing a step there on the Call Handler?


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Re: Transfer to VM

the leading "#" there works for subscribers since at the time they hit it they are at the prompt where it's asking for your password - the # sends them to the opening greeting where you can hit the extension followed by #2 and it works fine.

For folks who aren't subscribers, they are already at the opening greeting when you hit # so it takes the action # is mapped to which is to skip the greeting and go to take a message - hence your problem.

So you either need to not enter that leading # for non subscribers calling in or map the "#" key for the opening greeting call handler to "ignore" and "locked" which will have Unity throw away the leading # in that case.

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Re: Transfer to VM

Thanks, Jeff. That did it.

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