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Transferring calls - no voicemail associated with this number goodbye

I have an issue when the receptionist tries to transfer an incoming call to another internal number, VM answers with There is no mailbox assosciated with this extension goodbye and hangs up

Voicemail internally is working fine, I also have set up a dialpeer to transfer calls directly to a persons mailbox which also works from the outside, its only when I try and do a transfer I get that response Any ideas anyone ?

Thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

Re: Transferring calls - no voicemail associated with this numbe

Unity version?

Probably the first step here is to capture the call flow in Unity - the easiest way to do this is to open the Port Status Monitor (found in the tools depot on the desktop) and capture the output for a test call where you forward it into Unity - I'm unsure of the call path here in your setup so I'm unsure of what is being presented to Unity when the call comes in. This will help sort that out a bit.

Also, knowing what calling/called/forwarding numbers are being presented (you can see this in the Call Viewer, also in Tools Depot) and what routing rules you may have configured in Unity would be helpful.

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Re: Transferring calls - no voicemail associated with this numbe

Apologies my fault

unity express 2.3.4


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