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Translation Patterns

Hi All,

I've some troubles to configure a translation pattern as requested by the customer. In fact, we are migrating a customer to the Cisco IPT infrastructure. For the moment, they use a Nortel CS PBX - great

Well in the Nortel world, they have a feature called SYSPEED... You push on a button, you enter a code and a number will be called.

This is easy to configure by using for instance translation patterns. Now the complicated part, sometimes they have codes which refers to a root number. The user has to complete the code with the right extension of the person who he has to call.

Well to be more technical:

User A wants to call user B (who is on another site - so external call) - the code is *0001437 so it will call 0254825 (root) prepend with 437, so finally 0254825437. This is not so complicated to put in place!

Translation Pattern: *0001.XXX
Discard digits: PreDot
Called Party Transform Mask: XXX
Prefix: 0254825

My question to you! How can I prepend n digits without knowing the length... Like *0001.! (for the translation) and something like ! in the called party transform mask.


Martin Schoonbroodt
Dimension Data Luxembourg

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Re: Translation Patterns

You can leave the Called Party Transformation Mask field blank and it will keep all remaining digits not removed by DDI.

To continue your example:

Translation Pattern: *0001.!
Discard digits: PreDot
Called Party Transform Mask:
Prefix: 0254825

Re: Translation Patterns

Thanks for the information.

I tested it and it seems to match with my requirements.

Adi :-)

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