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TrunkGrouping FXO lines


Is it possible to create a trunk group with fxo ports (going to pstn) for outbound calls.

I'm running CME and would like to have outbound calls follow a dial-pattern and use a particular ports.

I could best describe this as doing the equivilant of creating a route group, route list, route pattern in ccm to control outbound call flow, just I'm unsure how to accomplish this in cme.

If this is possible, is there any way to accomplish this?

TIA -Fred

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Re: TrunkGrouping FXO lines

Sure you can, you can create "trunk groups" and then assign them to dial-peers and voice-ports, i.e.:

trunk group 911DIALING

description 911 DIALING

voice-port 0/1/3

trunk-group 2 1

dial-peer voice 99112 pots

trunkgroup 2

destination-pattern 9911

forward-digits 3



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Re: TrunkGrouping FXO lines

How would you do this for incoming calls when you have multiple port fxo cards/lines that need to route to a huntgroup for pickup. All lines are in hunt from telco.

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Re: TrunkGrouping FXO lines

Trunk groups are used for outgoing calls, and aren't needed for incoming. If the lines are used bidirecttional, you will have trunk groups mainly for the purpose of outgoing in an ordered mannet to prevent glare.

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