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New Member

TSM Unity 4.0(5)

I have installed TSM on Unity 4.0(5) and since Cisco's stance is that I can install other back up software as long as you can troubleshoot the issue I tried working through it and intially I had TSM errors in the event log which we excluded in the opt file for TSM but now even though the back up completes successfully MWI is still broken. Unity works fine only MWI gets affected and we have confirmed it is due to TSM. As soon as we completely disable TSM everything is back to normal. Starting and stopping Unity fixes the issue.

Cisco Employee

Re: TSM Unity 4.0(5)

I'm not familiar with the inner workings of TSM, but if I had to guess, it's taking the mailstore off line or interrupting our access to it long enough to throw the MWI notifier off - couple things to note here.

- Is Exchange on the Unity server in this setup?

- I'm guessing you can bring the MWI functionality back by bouncing the notifier service instead stopping/starting Unity entirely.

- Are there any Unity related errors in the application event log around the time of the TSM backup? What were the nature of the TSM errors you mention?

- I'm also assuming normal message notifications are not working (in addition to MWI) since it sounds like the notifier is losing it's connection to the mailstore/mailboxes and is not getting mailbox update triggers - that's just a guess, though.

New Member

Re: TSM Unity 4.0(5)


Thanks for the response. Unfortunately Cisc's current strategy of only supporting Veritas and not recommending DiRT is not a very good solution. I can understand Cisco not supporting 50 backup vendors but atleast 2-3 prominent ones should be supported. Having said that let me answer your question.

This is UM so Exchange off box.

I have not tried bouncing the notifier service but starting and stoppping Unity fixes it every time.

At first we had "AdSMClientservice" errors and we eliminated them by setting exclusions in TSM. Now even though the event viewer runs clean MWI iss till broken but i have confirmed that it is TSM since for the past 4 days I have completely disabled TSM and MWI works like a charm.

Thats a good point I have not tested normal notification but I am pretty sure that would work since VM works and Call Handlers work no matter if there are or if there are no errors due to TSM.It is only MWI that breaks.TAC wont help me and the customer is not too happy about being constrained to one backup solution. I have UTIM set to sync MWI every night and in the event log I see it start but no message saying that it ended. When I start Port status monitor and leave messages then I dont see the "Dial MWI" event go out at all. Also on the SA page when I try to refresh it hangs. As soon as I start and stop Unity everything comes back to normal.

Any Help will be greatly appreciated. Our local SE have escalated this up to the Overlay team actually to one of the guys who used to be in Unity BU but we have not received any help. This is seriously becoming a SAT issue. I also have a Tac Case on this but it was closed due to non supported product.

Cisco Employee

Re: TSM Unity 4.0(5)

Call handlers and VM access are not related directly to notification (MWI or other notification devices). Messages and audio text applications can easily work fine with all notification is busted. I suspect strongly all notification services (MWI and all other notification devices) are not working - you're just noticing MWIs because they're the most obvious.

To verify this, the next time you have a chance to repro this try bouncing just the AvMsgStoreMonitorSvr service and see if MWIs (and other notification services) start working again. If they do, you can use the Schedule Unity Restart tool to bounce this service after your restores (it can be configured to just bounce this one service, not all of Unity so we keep taking calls and such regardless).

If that doesn't work then you have a thornier issue at hand and I'm not sure what else to suggest.

New Member

Re: TSM Unity 4.0(5)


Thanks for your response, I will give this a shot definitely not a clean solution but atleast it will keep TSM running.On a side note if you have the capacity to mention this to BU that would be great, I think in the long run 2-3 enterprise back up vendors need to supported to give flexibility to the customers. We have done our part of escalating to the SE's but I guess the more that can ping the BU the better and what better than coming from you..:-)

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