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TSP Upgrade Failure

Unity 4.0(4) ... upgraded from older TSP to 8.1(3), checked settings in Manage integrations and verified connections (All OK). Saved settings which prompts in a restart of Unity services - this failed claiming timout attempting to stop Remote Connection services. Rebooted Unity server. All ports came up registered in Callmanager, but would not answer when dialed. Saw the following error in Unity:

Exception occurred and handled. File: e:\views\cs_ue4.0.3.159\un_Miu\Miu\AvMiuTapiLineSvr\AvMiuLineInit.cpp at Line: 572 - Error: 80004005H Call stack:

0x5DE9500D AvMiuTapiLineSvr.dll: <unknown symbol>

As an odd temporary work-around, If I reinstall the TSP, but do not modify the "manage itegrations" settings, the ports answer. A reboot again fails with the same error above and the only work-around again is to reinstall the TSP.

Any ideas?


Re: TSP Upgrade Failure

I would reboot Callmanager and see if that fixes it. I know in the early versions of TSP, they would randomly disconnet from CCM. If I would restart CCM, all was well... but funky stuff would happen. Updated the TSP on Unity, rebooted CCM and it seem to fix it.

There could also be in bug in the 4.0(4) that you are using. I know that version has issues from time time. Not sure if you are running SR1 for 4.0(4) but I would think about upgrading to this also. If not, by pass it and head on up to 4.2. It's a painless upgrade from ones I have done so far.

4.0(4) needs to have SR1 and has a few post patches after that for failover and other odds and ends (TAC supplied)

Re: TSP Upgrade Failure

Hi -

The error you are getting, 80004005H, is most often associated with permissions of some kind. Are you installing the TSP on the Unity server using an account with local administrator priviledges? The TSP release notes say "An account with local administrator privileges must be used to upgrade the Cisco Unity-CM TSP. Otherwise, no Cisco Unity ports will be available after the upgrade." You may want to return to your prior version in the interim, if that was stable for you, and check with TAC - even though the compatibility matrix for Unity 4.0(4) shows 8.1(3) is OK. Here is the 4.0(4) troubleshooting guide - in case you need to run TSP traces for TAC -

Regards, Ginger

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Re: TSP Upgrade Failure

TAC says this is likely due to bug CSCef80398 and recommended upgrading to SR1, and to apply ES35. We'll be trying this late tonight during our maintenance window.

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