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TTS in Deleted Folder

Unity 4.0.5 with Unified Messaging and Exchange 2003.

We have turned OFF TTS for all users and we have configured Deleted messages copied to Deleted folder in COS.

Here is my problem and it is weird when you listen messages through TUI/phone since TTS is turned OFF it plays just voicemail but when you go to Deleted messages it reads emails (Not the email but it tells time stamp and who you got from)like TTS turned on.

Am I missing something here ?Is there anyway we can turn OFF TTS in Deleted folder? or is it a BUG

Any help will be appreciated.



Cisco Employee

Re: TTS in Deleted Folder

No, it's not really a bug - it has to do with the fact that we don't want to index the deleted items folder in the same way we do the inbox. In other words when you log in we are getting an iterator for all messages types (voice, fax, email, receipts, urgent flags etc...) constructed for us by Exchange in the background for all messages in the inbox. This allows us to get quick message counts and filter out messages based on type easily so you can iterate over them.

The deleted items folder does not have this indexing on it since in many cases deleted items is _huge_ and we didn't want to incur the additional overhead for maintaining this index. As such when you go through your deleted items folder we get _all_ messages regardless of type and they are handled on a best case basis by the conversation.

So short story is there's no way to have it filter out messages based on type without setting up an index to do it (which we don't want to do). This is also why we don't give counts for messages in the deleted items folder (another request I got out here not too long ago).

Community Member

Re: TTS in Deleted Folder

Thanks Jeff....Since you said it is a second request Cisco has any plans to do that indexing for Deleted folder or is there any workaround?

Cisco Employee

Re: TTS in Deleted Folder

No plans for indexing the deleted items folder - too much overhead (on the Exchange side of the fence as well) to make it worth it. There's no work around at this time. If you allow access to the deleted items folder (which can be restricted if you like) then all messages will be included in the list even if they aren't accessible completely (i.e. if TTS is not available).

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