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UC 7.X Media Master - Cannot append wav files

Hi all -

We have grown accustomed to building Unity audiotext applications by recording wav files in sections and then appending them into a single prompt using the Media master with ViewMail for Outlook or Unity SA. We are preparing to build applications in Unity Connection and discovered two problems:

- Once you paste one wav file into the media master, you can move the timing bar to the end of that wav file. However, you cannot paste another wav file behind the original, it prompts you to replace the first one.

- The Open Files window does not retain your existing file location from the previous selection. You have to specify the entire drive path and folder location over again.

We are seeing this behavior with Unity Connection SA and Unity Connection ciscopca. The Unity Connection ViewMail for Outlook can be used, but I was unable to get the timing bar to move to the end of the current wav file to append another one. I checked the Bug Toolkit and couldn't find anything specific to this behavior being corrected in a future version. We are running UC 7.0(2) planning to upgrade to 7.1 soon.

Thanks in advance, Ginger


Re: UC 7.X Media Master - Cannot append wav files

I have CUC 7.1 and I cant seem to append a wav file through my browser either. I was never aware you could do this.

For example I have a wav file that is 30 second for a greeting (CH). At the 15 second mark, I should be able to hit record and add more to it?

For opening the files, it does not save the location either. It defaults to my documents always

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