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UC 9.1.2 - Call Handler uses Distribution List. VM's black holed.

The following issue in question occurs after-hours.  I cannot test normal hours at the moment, but I assume the schedule is not the issue.  I'm hoping someone can explain why the following may occur.


We have a UC System Call Handler configured.  It has a schedule assigned to it. 

Under Transfer Rules, Closed is enabled.  We are "Closed" at the moment.  The Closed transfer rule is set to transfer calls to Greeting.

Under Greetings, Closed is enabled.  The greeting is set to "Take Message" under Call Action.

Under Message Settings, we have the message set to go to a "User with a mailbox".

The user in question is set to "Relay the message" with an email address specified.

This works fine.  When a VM is left, the message is sent to the destination email address.


On the distribution list under Message Settings, we change "Message Recipient" to "Distribution List"

We have a Distribution List defined.  (It doesn not have an extension.)

We have a single User as a member of the distribution list

Under that User -> Message Actions we have "Relay the message" with the same email address defined.

The issue is that the VM is never sent to the email addess defined under the User, where the message is supposed to be relayed to.  We're sure the User config is correct.  It's a different user, but that user is configured the same as the working user config. 

The only variable seems to be the distribution list.  When we don't use the distribution list and we use a direct user for message delivery, everything works.  When Distribution List is chosen, the email never is sent from UC.  UC is configured to use a smart host.  Log files on the smart host show an email is never received.  I tried using RTMT and enable SMTP/MTA trace and couldn't see anything there either, indiciating that UC is not trying to send an SMTP email.

Logically, this sounds like it should work.  The VM should be sent to the distribution list, which in-turn goes to the single user, whose settings are to relay to an email address.  But, it appears the emails containing VM's are black holed (never sent). 


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UC 9.1.2 - Call Handler uses Distribution List. VM's black hole

Did you check "mark message for dispatch delivery" on the call handler message settings? If yes, uncheck that and try the test again.

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UC 9.1.2 - Call Handler uses Distribution List. VM's black hole

No, "Mark Message for Dispatch Delivery" is not checked under the call handler Message Settings. 

Also, under the Distribution List, the only fields populated are:


Display Name

Partition (same partition as the call handler)

Replicate to Remote Sites Over Intersite Links (we dn't have any)

Everything else is unchecked.

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