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uc520 trunk

Hi to all,

i have an uc520 connected with a trunk to a 2960g, the switch have another trunk to a vmware esx server.

The problem is that i can connect and ping server on vlan 1 from every point of the network.

But if i try to make aping on vlan 101 i can ping from the virtual machine only the 2960g but i don't know why i cannot ping the uc520 and the internet...

All the trunks are configured with the same vlan and the same encapsulation, i hav eocnfigured on the uc520 the vlan 101 and the bvi 101 i checked the ip route and it report the as directly connected.

I have checked all the possible things but the trunk insn't working.

What kind of test i can do? Ths uc520 have limitation on vlan?

Thanks and best regards,

Carlo S.


Re: uc520 trunk

I'm almost certain this is a configuration problem and not a UC520 problem.

You need to figure out which devices are going to have the layer 3 interfaces and configure those devices for layer 3 reachability (ip route, dynamic routing protocols).

Do you have all the vlans defined on the 2960 that you're trying to use? Do each of the devices have the right vlans allowed on the trunk?


Community Member

Re: uc520 trunk

Yes!!! I have solved the problem, it was the bridge-group! I have removed the vlan 101 from bridge-group 101 and i have cancelled the bvi 101 and assigned the ip directly to the int vlan 101! ANd now i can ping all the world of vlan 101!!!!

Thanks adn best regards Nick!

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