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UCCX 8.0 DRS backups Fail on CCXCOMPONENT

Hello!  I have an UCCX server, version that is having trouble completing backups using the built in DRS.  I am using Solarwind SFTP server to receive the backups and all components complete successfully except for the CCX Component.  Everything looks great until it gets to the actual uploading of the tar file.  Below is a snippet from the log file.  The list of SFTP servers that Cisco recommends is a little silly; a Linux port, a piece of software not updated in 10 years, and a $1200 SFTP client.  I would like to stick with Solarwinds if possible since it is working fine in other environments similar to this just fine and its free.  Any help would be much appreciated.

Feature : UCCX
Time Completed: 2014-09-17-18-23-05
Result Code : 10-Extraction of Tar archive has failed.
Result String : ERROR

2014/09/17 18:23: Start: Compressing Backed Up Components
2014/09/17 18:23: **************************************************************************************************************
2014/09/17 18:23: Performing Tar/Sftp operation of all component backed up data 
2014/09/17 18:23: Tar/sftp operation failed.
2014/09/17 18:23: Re-setting UCCX Archive Flags 
2014/09/17 18:23: Executing cmd: /opt/cisco/uccx/drf/backup/ /common/drf/backup.log
2014/09/17 18:23: Re-setting UCCX Flags
2014/09/17 18:23: UCCX Archive flags has been re-set
2014/09/17 18:23: Re-Setting of Archive flags completed



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Hi ,Were you able to get the

Hi ,

Were you able to get the solution for this.

We have UCCX version System version:

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I got it to work eventually

I got it to work eventually using the program FreeFTPd instead of Solarwinds product.  It is also not on the Cisco approved list, but its been working solid for a few months now.

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I had the same issue with the

I had the same issue with the CCXComponent part of the backup failing when using SolarWinds SFTP server.  So I also turned to FreeFTP to backup my UCCX server.  The backups always completed. However, I recently used DRS during a migration of UCCX 8.5(1) from MCS hardware to UCS hardware. The restore completed successfully.  But when agents attempted to login, they were presented with errors including "A license error has occurred. Please try again in five minutes..."  Also while running the UCCX Client Configuration Tool,  "The TUP.ini file on the server is missing a critical value for the Call Center Language"


TAC determined that data was missing from the restore.  I attempted a subsequent migration using  Titan FTP Server which was successful. 

Even though Titan is not free, I will be moving all our UC backups from SolarWinds and FreeFTP to Titan.

Sounds like the issues noted

Sounds like the issues noted in this field notice, regarding ccxcomponent.



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