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UCCX Global Phone book

Hi Folks,

I have a UCCX 7.0(1) SR5 Build 5.04 installation. I am trying to do a bulk upload of the customer's coroporate phone book using CAD Admin., however I dont see any Import or Export buttons on the admin phone book edit screen. Is this supported in 7.0(1) or do we have to go to 7.0(2) If the answer is no, how do we organise a bulk upload. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance

Bruce Wilkinson


Re: UCCX Global Phone book

You can import phone books in CSV format.

See page 50 of the Cisco Desktop Administrator User Guide.

To import a phone book:

1.Make sure the phone book CSV file is formatted correctly, as specified in the section, “CSV File Format” on page 50.

2.In the Phone Book window, click Edit. The Phone Book Editor window appears (Figure 19 on page 48).

3.Click Import.

Any CSV files located in the default folder C:\Program Files\Cisco\Desktop\config are listed. If your file is located somewhere else, click Find folder to browse to its location.

4.Select the file you want to import and then click Okay. The phone book is imported and is added to the list of available phone books in the Current List pane.

The CSV file name (without the CSV suffix) becomes the phone book name. If that name is already in use, you will be asked if you want to replace the existing phone book with the imported phone book. If you do not want to replace the existing phone book, cancel the import, rename the CSV file, and try again.

5.Click OK to close the Phone Book Editor window.

New Member

Re: UCCX Global Phone book

Hi James,

Thanks for this. I've seen these references in the docs, but the problem is the Export / Import buttons do not appear on the CAD Admin desktop view. Mind you, I haven't put a phone book file in the default location yet so I'll try that, but Its hard to believe its that smart that it looks for a file before giving you the options and displaying the buttons. So I think I either have a bug or a 'gothcha'  I'll be able to test Wednesday  (live site and no remote access) and I'll keep you posted. Thanks for your support.

Bruce Wilkinson

Re: UCCX Global Phone book

Hi Bruce,

I have a customer running UCCX Enhanced 7.0(1)SR04_Build443 and the import button appears - see below.

Could be a version bug as you suggest. More details on Work Flow Administrator version shown below.

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Re: UCCX Global Phone book


You ever get to bottom of this? I cant see Import on Phonebook either despite patching to SR5.


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Re: UCCX Global Phone book

We ended up with what really was a 'workaround' We found that the import button was avsailable from the CDA app on the UCCX server itself, so we used that. We  have not investigated further at this stage.

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