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UCM 6 and SRST Multicsast


I set up SRST Multicast according to the Cisco documentation, as far as I can tell. I have all sites using Multicast MOH. However when I make a test calls, I see ccm-manager moh sessions turned up and I see packets tx/rx. However, I hear nothing.

What am I doing wrong ?

I haven't uploaded the audio source to the callmanager, the audio source is uploaded to the flash mem


Re: UCM 6 and SRST Multicsast


I don't know how your setup looks like and in what you are testing (internal or PSTN call).

If you hear nothing, you can say at least that..

-CUCM is configured properly for MoH (or else you would hear tone on hold).

-If you see that the router sends traffic, it probably does

You don't mention if you don't hear MoH in a 1) IP phone to IP phone call or 2) with a PSTN call.

If you hear MoH on the PSTN but not on a IP phone, make sure add a loopback and add the IP address of this loopback to the multicast statement in the SRST config.

If this is done, make sure that you have the phone and the router on the same subnet or multicast routing enabled.


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