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UCM 7.0 using Cisco TSP with Windows XP

My issue is this, we were running CM 4.1 up until about a week ago. There were 3 users that were using the CiscoTSP to call from outlook. The only issue is that 1 of the machines was running Windows Vista which would not work at all. All of the other machines that were using Windows XP worked great. A week ago we upgraded to UCM 7.0 and of course the call from outlook stopped working, so i installed the new version from callmanager. On 2 machines I cannot even open the configuration of CiscoTSP, I click on configure and it hangs the application. On a 3rd machine I am able to configure the CiscoTSP but no matter what I try to dial it tells me the number is invalid. Of course now it installs and runs perfectly on Windows Vista and even Windows 7.

Any help would be appreciated, I KNOW this is unsupported but I am not trying to install across the enteprise, I am only talking about 3 machines.

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Re: UCM 7.0 using Cisco TSP with Windows XP

TSP has been replaced with Click to Call, which is far less picky about your settings.

You can click to call within Outlook and web pages, though FireFox 3.5 seems to have broken it. :(

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