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UCS RAID Configuration on UCS C240 M3 TRC2 for UC Applications


This UCS server has Twelve 300 GB hard disk. The RAID configuration recommended in Cisco Documentation is to have 2 RAID 5  Volumes 1.36 TB each.

I don't understand this configuration for the following reasons :


I prefer to dedicate a RAID Volume to ESXi and the second RAID Volume for UC Application.

For  UCS C240 M3 TRC3 the First RAID volume should be  a small size (for Example 300 GB with RAID1 ) and the second one about 2 TB with RAID 5

Why ?

Because in case of problem with ESXi, I can reinstall ESXi, and to recover all My UC applications after ESXi reinstallation.

This kind of configuration was the one use by old C210 M2 (Small RAID 1 volume for ESXi and Larger RAID 5 Volume for UC Applications)

The problem is that with two 1.36 TB Volume , I can install ESXi on the first RAID Volume and UC on second RAID volume. But there is a big waste of Disk Space (about 1 TB )!!!

The problem of changing this RAID recommended Configuration is that TAC consider that we are no longer running on TRC design, so the support is able to be rejected.

Is anybody from Cisco able to explain me the reasons for such RAID Design for UCS C240 M3 TRC2 for UC Applications


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You need to go thru your AM,

You need to go thru your AM, or ask in a partner forum this question, this cannot be addressed at CSC.

And we didn't tell you support would be rejected, we told you that support would fall from a guaranteed performance UC on UCS TRC, to that of a UC on UCS spec based, as changing the RAID would be guidance-only.



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