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UCXN 9.12 - Administration & Serviceability services are stopped

I'm on my second day at my new job, and taking a look through their systems.  I see that Unity Connection 9.12 is throwing errors every 30 seconds with the following info:

 Service operational status is DOWN. Connection Administration;Connection Serviceability.

The node referenced in the error is my Unity Connection publisher.  Inside of Serviceablity -> Cluster Management I see that the affected node is the Primary

Sure enough, inside of Control Center - Feature Services I see that both of these services are Activated but Stopped.  In reading through the administration guide, I see that these services control the admin webpages and CLI, however both of these appear to be working fine.

My questions are, is this a problem, and if it is, is there any issue with me starting the "connection administration" service (and could this be service impacting).  Any idea how things got this way?  I don't want to start making changes without a slightly better understanding of the situation.

Thanks for the help!


My normal advice here ,

My normal advice here , assuming you have support, would be to open a TAC case.

If I read the service down right keep in mind that in your navigation menu in the upper right corner of the web page you have two serviceability pages. Can you get to the one labeled as Unity Connection or Connection Serviceability, I forget the exact wording.  

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Thank you very much for

Thank you very much for replying Andrew.  I do have a TAC case open, and my engineer wants to restart the services at the CLI, which I believe we'll end up doing.  I was hoping to get a bit more information before doing that, but I'm probably just overthinking it.


Terry, from the Cisco Unity

Terry, from the Cisco Unity Connection Serviceability page you can start the 'Connection Administration' service, for the 'Connection Serviceability' you would need to get root access to the server which is only possible via TAC in order to start the service.


Diego Calvo.

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