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UM VM Split

I have about 150 users. 30 of them require UM and 120 of them require VM only. It is my understanding that this is not possible by using the same Unity server. How have others addressed this issue. My alternative is to go with Nortel CallPilot as it is integrating with a Nortel Option 61c and CallPilot supports this configuration. Is making VM and UM coexist on the same server in the Development queue?

Any advice on how I can achieve my desired configuration using UNITY would be greatly appreciated




Re: UM VM Split

Hi Steve -

We have a few users on our Unity server that did not want voice and email messages in the same inbox. We are licensed for UM subscribers. This is how we handled:

- Create another email enabled AD account. We use an alias naming convention that has vm in the name.

- Import the account into Unity using a class of service that has the TTS and Unity Assistant features disabled.

- Hide the account from the directory so that users will not send email to this account.

- Users access the account from the phone interface only.


Re: UM VM Split

It is my understanding, (because I was researching this also) that If you are running a mixed UM/VM enviroment, you have two options.

- run two seperate Unity servers. (crazy I know!)

- Buy all UM license for your users. They are backwards compatable to VM.

As of today, Unity does not support a mixed um/vm enviroment (because of licensing). BUT....I have heard in the future release, it will support this feature because customers like yourself, and me complain that we have to waste our money on licensing for UM, when only half our users need it.

If you love the Unity, but all the UM license now and call it day. I know they are double the cost, and higher support cost, but if it makes your life easier, it could be a wash then.

Other option is to run VM only for now, wait about 6 months to see what Cisco has to over for mixed enviroment on one server... I think Unity 5.0....



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