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Unable to delete user record in CUCM v7.0.2.10000-18

When I try to delete a particular user account (DC Directory) I get the following response in the status window:

"Error occurred.  One or more record [sic] did not get deleted.  The pkid column in the todaccess table in the database is being referenced from another table.  Please check the dependency records and remove the reference and the [sic] try the delete again."

When I checked the dependency records for this user account, only one record is listed.  It is a Time Of Day Access record.  I follow the proper procedure for deleting this record.  I create a custom file with the information for the ToD record I want to delete, I upload the file (making sure to specify the "Select The Target" field as "Time of Day Access" and the "Select Transaction Type" field as "Delete Time of Day Access"), and then I use "Bulk Administration" -> "Mobility" -> "Time Of Day Access" -> "Time Of Day Access Delete".  The record shows up and I click the "Submit" button (after choosing "Run Immediately").  The job shows up as "Completed" in the Job Scheduler.  However, I still cannot delete the user record and the ToD record still shows up as a dependency record.

Any ideas?

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Re: Unable to delete user record in CUCM v7.0.2.10000-18


Can you check if you have any remote destination profile associated with the user you want to delete ?



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