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unable to switch between Standard and Alternate Greeting

This is strange, but maybe I just goofed.

I have a mailbox that uses the Standard greeting during business hours, and the alternate greeting for closed\after hours. My business has no set hours for open\closed, so I have to be able to switch them at will. So I cannot program any schedule in Unity since there is no set schedule of this business. This was working fine for 2 days, but now I cannot switch from the standard greeting. When I?m in greeting options and press 2 to ?turn on the alternate greeting? it keeps saying ?your current greeting is the standard greeting?. I have the schedule set for ?all hours all days?. From the unity web console-under greetings and then ?standard?, the ?status? field is grayed out. I can turn on the alternate greeting from the web console, but then I have the same trouble turning the standard greeting back on. Right now I can only switch them by either ?enable ? no end date and time? or ?disable? the alternate greeting from the unity web console. Did I mess up somewhere on the schedule? I do not want unity to even think about schedules. I have to be able to switch back and forth between the standard and the alternate greeting manually anytime of any day, not automatically from a schedule. Any ideas what would lock me out of changing this?

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Re: unable to switch between Standard and Alternate Greeting

So I've played around with this some more. It looks normal that the standard greeting settings are grayed out, but it is not normal that I cannot switch to the alternate greeting manually on the phone. I created a new unity account, and so far it has not had the same problem. So I guess my question is ?what would cause someone from switching to the alternate greeting manually from the phone?? I deleted the broken unity account and recreated it with the same problem, it wasn't until I created a new AD (e-mail) account, and then create a new unity account with a new extension that I could get around my problem. Any thoughts?

Cisco Employee

Re: unable to switch between Standard and Alternate Greeting

First, always state your full Unity version and back end - this is very important information for us to work with. I'm going to guess Unith 4.2 and Exchange.

Second, yes - the standard greeting can never be disabled, either from the web or phone interface - it's the "backstop" greeting rule that always has to be there.

Third, the alternate greeting does not have any relationship with any schedules at all - if it's active, it's on, period. So doing something with your system schedules would not have had any bearing on this.

There is also no relationship with the greetings and the AD account at all. Greeting and schedule information associated with the primary call handler of a subscriber is not replicated around the directory and would have no impact here.

If the phone conversation is not able to turn on the alternate greeting, something is wrong further up stream. I'd be curious what the "time expires" field for the greeting rule says after you try and change it via the phone for an account having trouble - further, I'd check for errors/warning in the application event log. Checking the time expires value requires looking in the database directly - it'd be best to open a TAC case to run through that.

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Re: unable to switch between Standard and Alternate Greeting

Sorry about that, yes, I'm running exchange with Unity 4.2(1). Thanks for ruling all those out. I will check the logs and see what I find.

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