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Unified Communications 'skinning' - feature request?

Hi All,

This will affect more of you than others, but I thought this might be a useful feature. This thought occurred to me, just as I was just about to make a change on the wrong CallManager cluster again (In the environment I'm currently working on, there are 3 clusters, one for standard users, one for contact centre, and one for test lab). Wouldn't it be helpful if we were able to 'skin' CallManager, so that the web pages present differently for different clusters. This could be as simple as changing the background colours, or could extend as far as changing the logo. I expect this would be less palatable to Cisco as it does interfere with their branding, but it is difficult to distinguish between clusters on appliances. Does anyone else think this would be useful? Any comments from Cisco team as to how difficult this would be to implement (I expect not very).


Guy Kelly


Re: Unified Communications 'skinning' - feature request?

You may change the logon banner, but I don't think you can change background color.


New Member

Re: Unified Communications 'skinning' - feature request?

Yes, at the moment, its not possible to change background colour. I'm really asking if anyone else thinks this would be a useful feature request, or just me.

The logon banner is not really sufficient because it only displays when you log on. I'm more looking for a constant reminder of which cluster I'm looking at



New Member

I know this is a REALLY old

I know this is a REALLY old thread but I have to agree. I have 5 separate clusters and will be up to 7 in the next 6 months. It gets a little maddening sometimes when they all look the same.

At the very least would it possible to have the server name displayed on the top left maybe under the Cisco logo?

Cisco Employee

Recent versions have the

Recent versions have the custom logon message option, which you configure under OS admin, is the best you can get right now.



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I set one a while back, sort

I set one a while back, sort of useful. Ultimately, you can always look at the address bar to know which server you are using, but being able to swap change the header color so every server in cluster 2 is this color, or cluster 3 is this color etc. would be handy. Sometimes when you have a dozen tabs open it isn't always obvious which CUC or CER belongs with which CUCM. I'm sure the usefulness of this would only apply to customers running multiple clusters.

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