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Unified messaging Outlook question

Is there a way to set-up Unity or Outlook to move voice messages to the “Deleted Items” folder instead of just deleting it forever?


Re: Unified messaging Outlook question

Hi -

Yes. In the Unity SA, go to the Class of Service defined for your subscribers. On the Messages page, check the box labelled Deleted messages are copied to the deleted items folder. You may want to check out the Unity Advanced Settings Tool in Tools Depot for settings to specify that the Cisco Unity conversation request confirmation from subscribers before proceeding with a deletion of a single deleted, new, or saved message, and to change how the conversation handles the deletion of multiple deleted messages.

For Outlook, this option is configured within your Exchange environment. We are using a Mailbox store policy, configured from Exchange System Manager, that sets Deletion Settings - Keep deleted items for X days (we use 14 days). One caveat, users can select from Outlook to delete items automatically from the Deleted Items folder when Outlook is shutdown. The user would then just have to highlight the Deleted Items folder and select from Tools - Recover Deleted Items. He or she would be able to recover any deleted item within the last 14 days as set in Exchange.

Hope this helps! Ginger

New Member

Re: Unified messaging Outlook question

Thank you so very much!!!! Worked like a charm!!

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