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Unified messaging with Exchange

Probably simple answer, but trying to locate the doc on CCO is next to impossible.

For full unified messaging where it sends the vmail to email with exchange and all the bells and whistles. Unity Connection 2.0 and what version exchange is needed? Currently it appears that only 2007 is available for Exchange, also how should it be licensed, std, or enterprise? We plan to partition the system so it will need to have multiple domains on it.


Re: Unified messaging with Exchange

Unity 5.0 is first version of unity that will work with Exchange 2007.

Last I knew, Unity Connections was standalone and not unified and doesn't use Exchange unless something changed with version 2.0.

Re: Unified messaging with Exchange

Hi -

Unity 4.2(1), the version prior to 5.0, works with Exchange 2003 on a separate server. Unity 4.x or 5.x for unified messaging is installed as a member server in a domain. When you mentioned multiple domains, do each of these domains have different Exchange administrative groups (Exchange 2003 terminology - also called routing groups)? If they do, you will need a separate Unity server for each Exchange admin group. I don't have enough experience to comment on the Unity server deployment design with Exchange 2007 (we only have it running in test mode at this time in our lab).


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Re: Unified messaging with Exchange

Internet domains is what I was referring to. When users retrieve their vmail-email through outlook, I believe it will be through their email domain, but since this will be our first attempt at doing this, we are not sure what we are going to need. Our current voice mail systems are Zeacom and don't work the same way, in fact they don't have vmail to email capabilities. OUr next Unity purchase will be CUC, which version I am unsure of, either 1.2 or 2.0, since it will be part of a 5.1 CCM cluster.

Is there any decent docs on CUC and how it works?

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