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Unified Personal Communicator Error Message

I have an intermittent issue with the IM function on Unified Personal Communicator.  I will be having a conversation with an IM contact but after an idle period or when initiating a new conversation my IM messages do not go though and I recieve an error.  Has anyone else encountered this issue?  Eventually the message goes through and then the chat session works normally without any issues.

Daniel did not receive your message because it could not be delivered. (1:22 PM)imfail.JPG

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Re: Unified Personal Communicator Error Message

Is there a firewall between the client and the presence server? I had a similar problem and had to add a specific rule to my firewall to

keep SIP connections from timing out to resolve the problem. It still occurs occasionally, but is not near as frequent now.

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Re: Unified Personal Communicator Error Message

Hi Mark,

I'm having the exact same issue you described. On the client PC's where the CUPC is running we are also running Norton Interntet Security version

Basically as you said, after a period of being inactive the first one or two messages do not get delivered and the following message is displayed:

"Your message to could not be delivered"

However the user is not logged off. Once you get that message you re-send it and then everything works ok.

I was wondering if you nailed the root cause of this behavior in your scenario and how you solved it exactly?

Perhaps as Davidson said it could be the NIS firewall that is blocking the first communication attempt while being active? Could it be that NIS is running a background scan while being inactive???

Hopefully someone might have a useful comment to share.


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