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Unified Personal Communicator Offline (No Network)

I have a user that is experiencing the following problem.  After logging onto CUPC, their status at the bottom of their CUPC window is "Offline(No Network)".  Their deskphone is not avaiable and they cannot "double-click" to dial a person on their directory.  Nothing has changed in the user's profile since the system was installed 18 months ago.  I have uninstalled / reinstalled CUPC.  I have deleted / recreated the user's Windows XP profile and Active Directory profile.  Below are a few screen shots of their CUPC directory and server status as well as the versions numbers.

Any advice would be great.

Unified Personal Commnicator Version:     7.0 (2.13820)

Unified Presence Version:                

Unified Call Manager:                       

Pic 1.JPGPic 2.JPG

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Unified Personal Communicator Offline (No Network)

Hi Jack,

Can you click at the Logon Server field ? This will give you more details  as to where CUPC is trying to connect ? Once you see the fqdn can you try to see if this is resolvable from the PC itself ?

Can you also make sure that the in the end user page in cucm , the user in question has Digest Credentials  filled in ? Can you try putting something there? It will be not used by the user, so you can put whatever you want.

I also see that that CUPC cannot connect to LDAP ? Can you also click on the LDAP field and see which server CUPC is trying to connect to ? Can you ping it ? Regarding LDAP I would also try to run a sniffer traces from CUPC and filter the LDAP traffic to get more details as to what is happening.


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Unified Personal Communicator Offline (No Network)

Digest Credentials is filled in

Unified Personal Communicator Offline (No Network)

Can you try to fill in the digest credentials again ? They always appear as filled in for security reasons I think.

I would also try to ping from the PC the ldap server and the CUP server.

Also try to telnet to the cup server and to port 5060 (that's the sip proxy service that CUPC fails to login to)

Telnet to LDAP server and to port 389 . Using a sniffer capture while you try to login would help I think.



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