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Unify & UCCXCTI - how tightly integrated - worried ref patching etc


We are currently lookingt at upgrading out old 4.1 Call Manager to the latest Unified version with new hardware etc.

In our organisation we also have a call centre where we currently use a third party ACD solutuon that links in with a tapi connection to call manager.

We also are looking at changing the ACD solution to a more scalebale, with more module options version as we sell these options to our clients.

UCCXCTI has been mentioned but I am concerned that, even though its standalone in its own virtual box, it seems its integrated with Unify quite alot. I have also heard that if we need to patch/upgrade UCCXCTI to say get the latest modules orbug fixes, we may also have to upgrade Unify also at times. Is this correct?

As we sell our call centre solution and the various modules in the ACD, I am thinking if indeed UCCXCTI and Unify are so heavily connected we should have a standalone system that, again is linked even via a tapi or sip connection with Unify.

Any advice appreciated.



Re: Unify & UCCXCTI - how tightly integrated - worried ref patch

I am assuming that since you refer to CallManager specifically that when you reference, "Unify", you are referring to Unity which is the Unified Messaging solution for Cisco.  If that is the case, Unity and UCCX are independent of one another.  CallManager and UCCX are tightly integrated and there are some considerations in regards to application version upgrades across platforms.  As for patching of the OS and such, less integration there IMO - and moving into UC 8.0, UCCX will be moving to the Linux platform to match the CUCM and other applications.


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