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Uninstalling FailoverConfig.exe for DiRT restore

I built two new servers to do a DiRT restore, however I went too far and ran FailoverConfig.exe. It appears I have to basically start over with reinstall if I want to use DiRT, or change plans and use just COBRAS. I assume COBRAS can restore to a Failover setup.

Straight from the DiRT Help file:

""When restoring a backup intended to work as a failover system, be sure to restore the DiRT backup to a stand alone server first, make sure it's running properly then run the failover configuration wizard on that server. You cannot restore a DiRT backup onto either a primary or secondary failover pair, it will not work properly.

Cisco Employee

Re: Uninstalling FailoverConfig.exe for DiRT restore

Yes - since DiRT is restoring entire database tables if the failover keys have already been created it'll blow them away and completely hose your failover config and make a hash of things - you want to do the backups on the failover server and do the restores before doing the failover config - this is the cleanest way to go about it.

COBRAS does not do table restores, it's doing object creation one at a time - this is how it can "merge" objects from multiple systems onto one box and such. It's slower, doesn't port as much data and involves much more input from the administrator to work properly but is considerably more flexible. If you're primarily concerned with users (with greetings, passwords, voice names and messages of course) then COBRAS will work fine for you. This assumes you're running at least version 4.0(5) with Exchange or later (there are no restores onto Domino based systems).

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