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Unit Licenses call manager

I have installed 2 nodes in a call manager cluster I used the following licenses:

LIC-CM5.1-7825 (2x)

this does not included any authorized units, so it is not possible to add any phones.

I have been told that the separate phone licenses should be added in order to add the actual phones. I have about 150 user licenses: SW-CCM-UL-7941 how can those be

added as unit licences? and can they be added to CM at all?

Additionally, all these phones need Extension mobility, and that takes up Units as well, same goes for CTI route points.

Can someone tell me what the story is here and if I do indeed need separate LIC-CM-DL xyz


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Re: Unit Licenses call manager


this LIC-CM5.1-7825 (2x) part number is a node license and needs to be ordered for every node.

for phone licenses if u are talking about CCM 4.x and pre 4.x you need to order SW-CCM-UL-xxxx depending on phone type, so for 7941 u need to order SW-CCM-UL-7941, and u do not have to do any thing neither on phone nor on CCM to add these license in CCM 4.x and Pre 4.x.

if u are talking about CCM 5.x and later the licensing model is somehow different, CM 5.x does not check for this license SW-CCM-UL-79xx this is no longer used on CM 5.0.

u have to order device license units.

see this to help u get the idea:

if u have purchased SW-CCM-UL-7941 license and need to convert it to DLUs to be used with CCM 5.x and later, please note that individual phone licenses purchased in previous releases of CCM can be converted to CCM5 license units TAC will support on this.

for extension mobility and other CCM features there are no licenses needed.



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Re: Unit Licenses call manager

Hi Dennis,

Just to add a note to the great info from Majid :)

As Cisco has indeed changed there Licensing Policy you will need these DLU's (Device License Units) to add phones to CCM Version's 5.x and beyond. Your investment in the SW-CCM-UL-7941 is protected and these can be properly converted to DLU's for use in the new build.

Device licenses are required for Cisco devices and for third-party devices, with the flexibility to replace third-party devices with Cisco devices. Device licenses are sold in increments of device-license units (DLU's). Device-license units are assigned to each device connected to Cisco Unified CallManager 5.0. Each device is assigned a unit number based on the type and capabilities of the device. Devices with more complex and high-end capabilities are assigned a higher number of units compared to devices with basic capabilities,

Here is the DLU breakdown;

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7902G = 1

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7905G = 2

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7911G = 3

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7912G = 3

Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7920 (no battery) = 4

Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7936 = 3

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7940G = 4

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7941G = 4

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7941G-GE = 4

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7960G = 4

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7961G = 4

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7961G-GE = 4

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7970G = 5

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7971G = 5

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7985G = 6

Third-party SIP device (basic) = 3 (third-party)

Third-party SIP device (advanced) = 6 (third-party

From this doc;

If you used DMA here is the method used to transition your existing IP Phone Licenses to DLU's;

Step 1 In Cisco CallManager Administration, choose System > Licensing > License File Upload.

The License File Upload window displays.

Step 2 Click View File. A pop-up window displays that has the license information for existing phones and nodes. Copy this information. To copy the contents on this windrow, you can use Ctrl-A (Select All) and Ctrl-C (Copy).

Step 3 On the License Registration window of CCO website, in the text box provided, paste the file contents using Ctrl-V.

Step 4 You must enter the MAC address of the Cisco CallManager server that you are requesting the licenses for, and a valid E-mail Id.

Step 5 To obtain the actual license file, click Submit. A license file is generated.

Step 6 You must upload the license file to the server with the matching MAC address that you provided in Step 4. See the "Uploading a License file" section in the Cisco CallManager Administration Guide. This node takes on the functionality of the license manager.

Hope this helps!


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