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Unity 246 to 4.x upgrade

we've used the 246 to 4.x data export tool to upgrade from 246 to 4.x. We have done 2 sites succesfully but unfortunetly on this 3rd site the import is just sitting there for the last hour on synchronising database - the other sites only took a few minutes(this site is the largest). Any help would be appreciated as we do not have a running system at present. Task shows it as still running but we dont know at what stage to kill the task !

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Re: Unity 246 to 4.x upgrade

Well, based on the info here there's not much I can offer - the synch stage is using the directory monitor so the best I can suggest is to check the SQLSyncSvrXXX log files in commserver\logs and see if it's failing a lot of just not doing anything or what. This can, indeed, take hours depending on the domain configuration and such - I've had imports take several hours on many occasions.

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Re: Unity 246 to 4.x upgrade

Jeff this is the only SQL log file in the location - we started at 19.19 and it has'nt done much since then.

Do you think we should stop and start again - is there a dirty restore option like there is in dirt.

TAC are telling us to kill it and download another version of the tool and run again - what would you suggest.

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Re: Unity 246 to 4.x upgrade

I'd suggest you follow what TAC is telling you to do...

You should always be running the latest version of the import anyway. The synch process is actually seperate from the dbImport itself - just like DiRT, once SQL and the local files and registry have been touched, the synch is called and it waits for completion of the external synch process. I don't see any errors in there but it may not have logged the last line or two so I can't be sure...

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