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Unity 246 to 404

We are migarting users from a 246 system to a new 404 - customer accidentally removed the 246 from the domain before we could extract the data:

can we reconnect to domain and will it work also how can we extract the data(will the datbase export tool still work on the system.)

Also will the uninstall still remove the subscriber properties or will we have to do manually?



Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 246 to 404

Can't really speculate on if the system will work if you reconnect it to the domain - it should but I don't know what was dont to the system other than just unplugging it and carting it away.

The FullDBExport tool is only going to run if the system is up and flying - if it's not starting, it wont export data since it uses the DOH interface which requires that AvCsMgr is up and running. Same deal with the unisntall - to remove properties from the directory it goes through the DOH which means Unity needs to be functional at the time (if it's not, Uninstall will remove what it can but it wont be able to remove properties/objects in the Exchange directory then).

Community Member

Re: Unity 246 to 404

thanks, for the reply Jeff - we are informed that customer reconnected it to domain and system worked ok - this enabled us to extract the data and uninstall the existing system to import into the new 404. (new system working ok at present).

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