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Unity 4.0 (2) trouble with delayed VM port access

I have a 120 user Compaq 380 running Unity 4.0 (2) running 2.7 OS with 16 voice ports for access. Traffic for this box is extremely low, CPU, Memory are fine and DBWAlker produces no errors. Additionally I have rebooted the box yet I get complaints as well as experincing the issue myself where you access voice mail to check for messages and the port hangs. if you stay on for 1 or 2 min the voice "please enter your ID"

does anyone have a suggestion what this maybe??

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.0 (2) trouble with delayed VM port access

1) OS 2.7 - did you use the callmanager OS 2000-2-7 cds to build this server? If yes, then you will have to rebuild it. The callmanager OS Cds cannot be used to build unity.

2) Is the problem occurring for every call or is it happenning intermittently? Did you check the app logs to make sure that there are no other errors such as GlobalCatalog issues?

Re: Unity 4.0 (2) trouble with delayed VM port access

Is this server running with a Dialogic card? Is it hanging on the same port or any port?

Sometimes you can watch Port Monitor and see if you can see it hanging live. If it does.. the info box on that port should tell you where it is hanging.

After one or two minutes, is it asking you for your Unity ID or your Unity pin #? Why I ask is because if Unity asks for your ID, and you are calling from your phone, there is a probably with it understanding the call routes. (example, if you call from your phone Unity should see that and go right to your "enter your Unity PIN#, etc)

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