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New Member

Unity 4.0(4) problems


I just finished a unity server, integrated with Exchange 2003 and a CCM 4.2

I have configured voice mail for one user to test the system but it doesn't seem to be working. Everything seems to be ok with the CCM and anyone can leave a message but when the voicemail owner calls to his mailbox, after introducing the password, the system sends a message "the message server is disconnected, when it comes online again you will be able to hear your messages" after saying this, the user hears the normal recording saying that he has new voice mail. So, in the end, it works but it has this annoying message.

Another thing that fails is that the MWI is always off, the user is never notified in any form about new incoming messages. (neither by e-mail)

Does someone have any idea?

Thanks in advance

New Member

Re: Unity 4.0(4) problems

It sounds like there is a problem between your exchange server and Unity. The messages are being stored on the unity server until the exchange server connection is restored. Did you check the mailbox on the exchange server to see if the message was in the mailbox. If not then it is being queued on the Unity server. Check this folder on the primary Unity server and see if there is anything in it D:\CommServer\UnityMTA. If there are item(s) in the folder then the issue is most likely a rights issue between Unity account(unitymsgstoresvc) and exchange.

New Member

Re: Unity 4.0(4) problems

I have checked and, efectively the messages stay at D:\CommServer\UnityMTA

We have been checking the rights of the user "unitymsgstoresvc" and it seems to be ok, however I am not an exchange expert; I have checked within the exchange server (administrative rights granted, not full administrative) and it is ok.

Where else could I check?

Also, is there any way to transfer these messages manually to see if this is really the issue?


New Member

Re: Unity 4.0(4) problems

When you configured the unity server, did you point the unity to the correct partner exchange server?

Rerun the Message Store Configuration Wizard again from ADD/Remove Programs.

You will need to use the account that you use when you ran "Permissions Wizard", that should be the "unityinstall" account.

Now, for the MWI, from the phone can you dial the MWI on/off extension and the light does light up, and goes off?

If not, you have CSS problems with the voicemail ports that cannot reach the partition of the phones.

You should have some MS errors regarding the exchange offline in the application and system logs.

Please check all of above and keep me posted.

New Member

Re: Unity 4.0(4) problems

Thanks to both of you for your answers, I'm going to check what you recommend and I'll keep you informed.

I can call from the phone to the MWI numbers without problems, and the exchange server is the correct so I think it is a problem with permissions with the Exchange server. When I check it all I will answer you.

New Member

Re: Unity 4.0(4) problems

The MWI will only light once Unity sees a audio message in the VM users mailbox on exchange. Since the messages are being stored on the Unity server and aren't making it to the mailbox the Unity server is not dialing the users phone and lighting the lamp.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.0(4) problems

Your server is in what is called UMR mode. MWI will not work while in this state so don't pursue that right now. That is why messages are in the UNityMTA and people get the error yet can still check new messages.

Ok I would check a couple things. First, go to the Exchange System Manager tool and right click the root of the directory structure at the top of the tree (it's usually a domain name of some kind). Once you right click that, choose Delegate Control and make sure UnityInstall and UnityDirSvc are in there but DO NOT have UnityMsgStoreSvc in there at all. If it is in there, remove it. Then go down the directory structure to the mailbox store level. Right click the mailbox store and go to the Security tab. Make sure UnityMsgStoreSvc is listed in the accounts. Click the UnityMsgStoreSvc in that list and then look through the checkboxes for the various permissions it should have. The account should only have 4 permissions on the store and they should all be set to allow.

Send As

Recieve As

View Information Store

Administer INformation Store

That's all. Nothing more, nothing less.

Next thing to check is to make sure the proper accounts and mailboxes were created when you ran the MEssage Store Configuration Wizard. Go open the Server and Mailstore you chose when running the Message Store Configuration Wizard over at the Exchange System Manager tool. See if there is a mailbox called Unity System - Servername. Also make sure in Active Directory that you have an account called Unity_servername. In both the servername portion is the name of your Unity hostname. If so, then the Message Store Configuration Wizard created those correctly.

Let me know if this helps.


New Member

Re: Unity 4.0(4) problems

Sorry for the delay, we have had some problems with this customer and we had to interrupt the unity installation for "a while"

I have tried this solution yo provided me and it still does not work. In fact almost everything was right, only one of the permissions was not configured as you told me, but I changed it and it still does not work.

Any more ideas?



New Member

Re: Unity 4.0(4) problems

Giving the Messagestore acct domain admin rights got this to work properly in our lab. I was not part of the original installation but I do remember that they had a very difficult time getting this portion of the original install to work properly on our production unity servers. It is not the ideal solution, but it should correct the issue.

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