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Unity 4.0(4) SA Web Page Error

Unity 4.0(4)SR1. Having an issue where if the Unity Admin web page is bookmarked in IE, when you try to open it you get the following:

Missing live session flag.

For some reason, /web/global.asa did not fire.

Check that this file is present.

This problem could also be related to DNS issues.

Cannot continue.

Problem started a week ago, up until then no issue, and server has been rebooted. No changes done to system at all. No errors in event log.

If you try http://dcunity1/Web/SA/ or http://dcunity1/saweb we get "The page cannot be displayed"

If you go to the Unity icon in the system tray and choose Launch System Admin, the page works properly.


Re: Unity 4.0(4) SA Web Page Error

Hi -

Check to see if your Internet Options, General Page, Temporary Internet Files Settings Tab is set to "Check for newer versions of stored pages - Automatically". Can you ping the Unity server by hostname from your workstation, using the URLs you posted? See if you can do same using the IP address instead, i.e. http://x.x.x.x/web/sa. We occasionally see this error and validate DNS is working fine. The quick fix is to delete/recreate the bookmark.



Re: Unity 4.0(4) SA Web Page Error

It does sound like a DNS problem so I'd check it by IP like Ginger suggested. Also check your bookmark and be sure it's just http://dcunity1/web/sa. If you created the bookmark after you were logged in, the URL is gonna be something like http://dcunity1/web/sa/FrameASP/StartFrame.asp and I've seen that cause an error if that's your bookmarked page.

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