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Unity 4.0(4)SR1 - Inconsistent dbWalker 1207/1605 Errors

Failover, win2k, ex2k3sp2, 1600+ subscribers, ccm4.0(2a).

I've run dbWalker several times over the last week, and each time received many 1207 errors for the spoken name. I manually reassociated the existing WAV (the name was just slighly different - AHawkins_SubName_a7feabe2.wav vs. AHawkins_SubName_b82b7072.wav) and ran dbWalker again. Each time I received a different subset of subscribers with some returning offenders. I was running dbWalker v4.0.44, then installed 4.0.47 and discovered 3,588 1605 errors as well as some more 1207s. It seems these files are losing their association and getting duplicated somehow, or a great majority of my user population is constantly re-recording their names. I've just noticed this behavior in the last week or so.

Any history with something like this?


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.0(4)SR1 - Inconsistent dbWalker 1207/1605 Errors

so how are you "reassociating" the voice names? I hope not by updating the DB directly... this is what's burning you if so.

The voice names are special in that they're replicated to/from the directory - if you force the DB to point to a new file name but don't also force it to synch to the directory then in the background the syncher will pull the name back in and create multiple copies, thus making your old name you manually associated an orphan. Sounds like something like this is going on.

you can get away with such things for greetings which are not carted around in AD, but not for voice names.

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Re: Unity 4.0(4)SR1 - Inconsistent dbWalker 1207/1605 Errors

I'm reassociating them thru the SA. I haven't touched the dB directly at all.

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