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Unity 4.0.5 and EX2K3 fails to import certain users

We have a new install of Unity 4.0.5 UM with EX2K3 environment. We are able to browse and see most users for import with the exception of a few. It is quite strange because we can import certain users from a "OU" but other users in the same "OU" do not show up in the search page. We have run and re-run the latest permissions wizard. Any ideas?

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Re: Unity 4.0.5 and EX2K3 fails to import certain users

It looks like to me the when you extended the schema it did not take. Try extending the schema again and see if that works. Also run the premission wizard again before testing making sure you point to the right OU.

Re: Unity 4.0.5 and EX2K3 fails to import certain users

Hi -

I'm going to take a different tact on your post. First, from the schema master where you ran the ADSchemaSetup.exe, you will see ldif logs posted on your desktop. The number of files you will have depend on whether you updated your AD for Bridge or VPIM support in addition to Exchange. You can review the main ldif file Avdirmonex2k. Open the file and scroll to the end of the file. Locate the last instance of cisco-Ecsbu_UM-Schema-Version. Click UP for the search direction. Click Find Next. A few lines down you should see a line containing the word "Description" followed by 4.0(5) Unity or it may even say 4.0(1), I don't recall. There were no changes in 4.0(5) to the schema for Avdirmonex2k since 4.0(1). You can also use ADSIEdit to inspect your schema, CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=root Domain,DC=com or net or org and check for CN=cisco-Ecsbu-. Some of the fields are cisco-Ecsbu-Object-Type and cisco-Ecsbu-Prefixes. Also if you don't see any errors in the ldif.err file(s) you should be OK. Here is a link to the 4.0(5) install and schema extend section -

Secondly, the behavior you are describing when not seeing users in import CAN ALSO MEAN the users already exist in Unity. Or that Unity thinks subscriber properties are already associated with these user accounts. Could that be possible?


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Re: Unity 4.0.5 and EX2K3 fails to import certain users

actually I was able to jog my customers memory about the fact that unity had once been installed in their tree. sure enough adsiedit did show the attributes but global subscriber manager didn't pick them up. any ideas why gsm wouldn't pick them up?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.0.5 and EX2K3 fails to import certain users

use RemoveSubscriberProperties tool to clean the windows accounts. Drill down to the OU, and if they have a bunny-symbol, then they still have Unity properties - right-click on the acct and select Remove Subscriber Properties

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