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Unity 4.0(5) and SQL 2000 SP4

I can't find any info that states if SQL 2000 SP4 is supported for Unity yet. I have a pair of Unity servers (primary/secondary) and someone accidentally installed SP4 on the Primary server and we are now seeing a couple issues. I am not sure if I should just install SP4 on the secondary.


VIP Purple

Re: Unity 4.0(5) and SQL 2000 SP4

Take a look at the following link. SQL 2000 SP4 is listed as a recommended service pack.

Hope this helps. If so, please rate the post.



Re: Unity 4.0(5) and SQL 2000 SP4

Hi Andy -

Some additional information related to SQL 2000 SP4. The service pack modified the structure of the Microsoft databases and user databases that participate in replication. I believe this applies to you since you have a failover configuration (Publisher/subscriber relationship). I would read the readme.htm file on the service pack CD - there is a section that discusses how to remove the SP, if the master, model, and msdb databases were backed up prior to installing SP4. Otherwise I think your best bet is to apply SP4 on the secondary server. I don't have experience with failover systems, but you might want to check with TAC regarding your subscription. Cisco has its own doc for upgrading MSDE 2000 to SP3 (which I will be updating for SP4 as soon as I finish testing). The reason I mention this is that Cisco may have a similar doc for SQL 2000.

Best wishes, Ginger

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Re: Unity 4.0(5) and SQL 2000 SP4

Ginger, would you please tell me where I can find Cisco its own DOC for upgrading MSDE2000to SP3, I am planning to do it ,many thanks

Re: Unity 4.0(5) and SQL 2000 SP4

Hi -

The document is ID 16048 -

Note: I have not done my testing yet on going to SP4, but I can tell you I will add the following steps to my own document:

1. Break mirror set

2. Run Unity DiRT backup

3. Shutdown Unity

4. Copy all databases to a spare drive (including the MS databases because these are changed during the SP4 apply)

You may also want to reference this Microsoft link for notes related to applying the service pack -

Regards, Ginger

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Re: Unity 4.0(5) and SQL 2000 SP4

Thank you ,Ginger, I really look forward your testing result on SP4, my problem here is I dont have test environment and it sounds tricky to put on all the patches without testing

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Re: Unity 4.0(5) and SQL 2000 SP4

Hello all, any updates on installing or testing Unity and SQL service pack 4? I see it is now recommended and I am sure I will be hearing from our Security folks soon about upgrading to it. We are on Unity 4.05 and 4.04.


Re: Unity 4.0(5) and SQL 2000 SP4

Hi -

I modified Cisco's document 16048 to reference applying SP4 to MSDE 2000. Note this is not an approved Cisco doc, but one I created for my own use. I have attached it as a sample for your review. I performed this update successfully on a test 4.1 system. I have not yet done this in production yet. I think I will wait until installing 4.1 or next available release. Additional steps I took for this upgrade:

- Break mirror set

- Run DBWalker and resolve any errors first

- Unity DiRT backup

- Copy all databases, including Microsoft's DBs to a spare drive. The SP4 updates MS dbs, so it's nice to have a backup copy just in case you encounter problems (which I did not in test)

- Read the included Microsoft readme file - Section 3.1.1 discusses the master, msdb, and model databases.

Regards, Ginger

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Re: Unity 4.0(5) and SQL 2000 SP4


I would have liked to download your document but it is not available anymore...

I am trying to install Cisco Unity VM version 4.2(1) and I have an error regarding the MSDE Service Pack 4 installation.

I tried many ways to install it (included the "setup /upgradesp sqlrun blanksapwd=1 /qd DISABLEROLLBACK=1") but I still have the same error :

"Another Version of this product is already installed. Installation of this version cannot continue. To configure or remove the existing version of this product, use Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel"

The thing is that I just have the MSDE Software within the Add/Remove, I don't have any other thing related to MSDE Service Pack.

Would you have any idea ?

Thanks a lot for your help,

Best regards,


Re: Unity 4.0(5) and SQL 2000 SP4

Hi Laurent -

The CUSPA (Unity's preparation assistant) installs MSDE 2000 Service pack 4 as part of the 4.2 install - see these release notes -

So I think you should be OK. I believe the MSDE 2000 version will be at version 8.00.2039 (or later).


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