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Unity 4.0.5 in 2 Different Domain


Is Unity will work if :

- Some Users are in a old Domain

- Some Users are in a new Domain

- All Users mailbox are host on an Exchange in the New Domain ?

There is a full trust between both domain the old and the new one

Is Unity will have a problems when it will restore the Database (we move from Win2k to win2k3)

My understanding:

- It Query the GlobalCatalog

Question is:

- Is the GlobalCatalog in the new Domain will also contain information about the user in the old domain ?

I understand = Yes, because its still the same Forest.

Can someone just "confirm" my assumption



Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.0.5 in 2 Different Domain

I'm not entirely sure I get all your config details here but the short story is Unity can handle users across domains in the same forrest if you have trusts configured correctly. If the user is found and their mailstore available in the global directory then we're golden. You need to review the help for DiRT here:

there's a section in there called "Restore Procedure Overview" that has a section that goes over the details of how the directory syncher searches for users in the directory and determins if it uses an existing user or creates a new one during restore. It's critical you understand this and work off of that. DiRT also supports an alias remapping capability which is also covered in the help file. This allows you to have users you backed up with one alias bind to a user in a new domain with a different alias.

New Member

Re: Unity 4.0.5 in 2 Different Domain

Great Thanks


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