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New Member

Unity 4.0.5 integration with CUCM8.x via SCCP

Hello, I have an easy question for you guys.

We have an old environment with Unity 4.0.5 & CCM 4.1.x talking to eachother via SCCP.

We now also have a new CUCM 8.x cluster.

What I'm trying to accomplish is to integrate the CUCM8.x as an additional cluster via SCCP to the Unity 4.0.5.

I got that done and working, however, I need some help getting MWI to work.

Do I need to create some sort of intercluster trunking between the old and new Call Managers?

There doesn't appear to be any way for me to tell Unity to use a specific Call Manager for outdial.

Thanks for your help.


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.0.5 integration with CUCM8.x via SCCP

You can't define on which port to send the call.

Those are treated as two separate entities and separate ports.

If calls arrive thru integration 1, they can only use integration 1 ports.

Same for integration 2.

And FYI, that's not supported as there is no TSP for Unity 4.0 releases to support CUCM 8.X

SCCP Compatibility Matrix: Cisco Unity, the Cisco  Unity-CM TSP, Cisco Unified CM, and Cisco Unified CM Express



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Re: Unity 4.0.5 integration with CUCM8.x via SCCP

Yeah, sorry - I was going to say that Java is 100% correct.  There is no TSP available for 4.0 that is remotely close with CUCM 8x.  So, any setup would be unsupported.  However, you can run a lower TSP and it may work but you may also see lots of port errors and etc.

You should consider migrating to Unity Connection.  I've done it a million times, easy to do.  Here is a presentation I put together on it:


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New Member

Re: Unity 4.0.5 integration with CUCM8.x via SCCP

Hi All, thanks for the replies.

We have old and new stuff mixed in right now and working on a migration plan. We have CCM 4.x, Unity 4.x, Unity Connection 2.x in the old environment and CUCM 8.x, CUC 8.x running as well as Unity 8.x. I'm trying to ease the transition for one particular site that is still on Unity 4.0.5.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.0.5 integration with CUCM8.x via SCCP

As stated above, what you're doing is not actually supported by Cisco.

However, for information on how to set up MWI with Unity 4.0; which operated a little differently and actually just sent out the MWI request for a single voicemail subscriber to ALL CLUSTERS of CallManager, please see the following document.

In particular, see the "Additional Information" section.   To quote:

The  process is:

1. When a call from a  remote cluster is forwarded to Cisco Unity and the caller leaves a message for a  subscriber, the calling cluster uses RDNIS to send the forward ID over the IP  WAN to Cisco Unity.

2. Cisco Unity sends a  request to all clusters to turn on the MWI for the subscriber. The request uses  the forward ID to direct the request.

3. The home cluster  for the subscriber activates the MWI on the subscriber phone. However, clusters  that do not have a subscriber with that extension ignore the MWI request

Also, I'm sure you're already aware that Unity 4.x itself will not be supported from July next year, per the End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Announcement for the Cisco Unity Version 4.x:

Kind regards,


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