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Unity 4.0.(5) upgrade/migration question

I am in the process of upgrading Unity 4.0.(5) to Unity 7 on a new server. I am going to install version 4 on the new server, restore a DiRT backup and upgrade to 7.

I would like to stage this new server while leaving the old one online.

Here is my question:

Am I able to setup the new server with a new hostname and IP address, add it to the domain,install unity 4 on the new server? Then before restoring the DiRT shutdown the old server, reset the domain account, change the hostname and IP on the new server? Will this work, or is there a better way?



Re: Unity 4.0.(5) upgrade/migration question

Before you settle on using DiRT, I would consider using the COBRAS import tool which has some advantages in terms of speed of upgrading Unity.  There are Pros and Cons to either method but I would lean you towards COBRAS because I've found it to be very successful.  Read about the tool here:

Also, if you search for "Unity upgrade" or "COBRAS" in the forums, you'll see plenty of threads with responses from myself and other talented Engineers that frequent the site.  For example:

COBRAS supports Unity 4.0(5) and higher so you're good on that.  Read the COBRAS help file and then follow-up with any questions.


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Re: Unity 4.0.(5) upgrade/migration question

I have been researching both methods and have already decided to use Dirt (well my boss decided for me). He thinks it's the "safer" way. Will the steps in my original post work? I will continue to reserch cobras and maybe still use it in the end if I have a good enough argument to do so.


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