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New Member

Unity 4.0 greeting message

hi all,

i need to configure a greeting message for the operator phone so that any outside caller when dials the Operator number( which is a DID number)first hears the message and then the operator phone should ring.

i am using unity 4.0 and CCM 4.1



Re: Unity 4.0 greeting message

well Unity expected behavior is either go straight to the greeting and not ring the phone, or ring the phone first and if no one picks up the play the greeting.

If you want to play the greeting first then a workaround would have to be done and tested.

you might have two call handlers, the first play the go straight to the greeting in call transfer, greetings > play a recorded message and then the after greeting action go to a second call handler that is ring this extension or subscriber. set the greeting for the second call handler as blank if you do not want it to play again.

just an idea, hope it works. good luck


New Member

Re: Unity 4.0 greeting message

thanx for the suggestion...

what configuration need to be done in CCM to point an incoming call for an extension say 1000 to the greeting call handler.


Re: Unity 4.0 greeting message

is this the opening greeting? or the operator? there is a difference cause opening greeting is the default. if you want a call to go to the operator you need to give the operator an optional extension and I would create a CTI route poite in CCM.


New Member

Re: Unity 4.0 greeting message


Here is the complete picture:

the phone has two extensions:90000 and 90005

90000 is mapped to DID no. 66590000

i have enabled call forwarding for 90000.

so whenever any outside person dials 66590000

it goes to unity.

In unity i defined a routing rule based on DNIS=90000 which directs the call to a Custom opening greeting call handler.

In that call handler i choose the option of

Send caller to "subscriber- 90005" (after greeting)

Now the caller when dials 66590000 is directed to the voice mail for 90005.the extension 90005 didn't ring.

then i changed the subsciber 90005's transfer rule to "ring the extension 90005".

Now when the outside caller dials 66590000.

90005 rings once and then the caller goes to voice mail for 90005.

i changed the setting for transfer type as Supervisor and no. of rings to 7( for subsciber 90005)

but even then 90005 rings only once and go to voice mail.

Hall of Fame Super Red

Re: Unity 4.0 greeting message

Hi Simranjeet,

What happens when you call DN 90005 directly from anaother phone? It almost sounds like the Forward No Answer Timer has been set very low for this DN in CCM (this can be set on a Line by Line basis).

Let us know,



Re: Unity 4.0 greeting message

Rob might be right, he knows way more about ccm than I do.

which routing rules do you have set, forward or direct or both?

it sounds to me that Unity is confused between routing rules and call handlers. You know that routing rules were set up in Unity because of legacy PBXs. but call handlers were made to take place of routing rules.

can we start from what you want to happen see if we can help there. Rob, maybe you can help us out too.


Hall of Fame Super Red

Re: Unity 4.0 greeting message

Hi Randy,

You are far too kind my friend :) I think that you have really offered up some great tips here (5 points from this end for sure)!

My only thought here was to try and eliminate the CCM from the equation if possible. I think you have everything else covered quite nicely.

Let us know how this is coming along, as this is something quite fixable (is that a word?) I'm sure!


New Member

Re: Unity 4.0 greeting message

hi folks...

Thanks a lot for the updates...

The problem is finally solved.

Here is what i did:

deleted the whole call handler configuration.Restarted the Unity Server.Restarted the CCM.

Created a new call handler.

recorded the greeting.

unchecked allow caller input.

In the after greeting action:

i chose "attempt transfer for" subscriber 90005.

Created the above mentioned routing rule.

did the CFwdALL for extension 90000 to Unity.

so now when a caller calls 6659000 he is directed to the custom call handler,hears the greeting and then gets transferred to operator extension 90005.

But i wish i could knew what was the actual bug?