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Unity 4.0 mailbox limit

I have Unity 4.0 VM only and trying to limit the size of all the mailboxs from default.

In order to to that I went into

Start -- > Programs --> Microsoft Exchange --> System Manager.

Go to the Servers --> Servername --> First Storage Group --> Mailbox Store. Right

click on Mailbox Store and went to properties. Under the limit TAB I seted up as:

Warning 100

reciev as 200

send as 200

Then I sent a message from SUB A to SUB B.

Once It reached the limit of the warning I then upon checking the messages I got the Unity warning that mailbox is getting full.

Once I crossed the limit of 200, upon checking the messages I got unity playing that your mail box is full so you can't send or recive new messages.

However, if I dial from SUB A to SUB B(mail box limit has been reached, I do not get the message that recipient mail box is full...

it lets me leave the message but message goes to someother mailstore account.

What I would like to do is to blick the user sending message a they should get the recording that the mailbox is full and you can't leave the messages.

Is it possible ?

if it is then How ?


New Member

Re: Unity 4.0 mailbox limit

Planning and implementing storage limits is a critical step in any implementation of Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server. Limits that are placed on the mailbox store or on individual mailboxes will affect how Cisco Unity functions, as Cisco Unity must obey all storage limits imposed by an Exchange 2000 server. There is no way for Cisco Unity to programmatically override storage limits.

The Microsoft Support website provides information on how to plan and implement storage limits for Exchange 2000. Refer to the Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q319583 for more information.

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