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Unity 4.04 What Would Cause Incoming AMIS Message In Non AMIS Environment

Saw several errors in our event log... We don't use AMIS messaging, so im wondering what unity saw that might generate such an error


There was an incoming AMIS message, but because Unity was not able to find the UAMIS_<Servername> mailbox, the message could not be accepted. Recommended Action: Make sure that you have created the UAMIS_<Servername> mailbox before sending and/or receiving any messages using AMIS Networking. Please refer to your Networking in Cisco Unity guide for more information on how to properly configure your Unity server to use AMIS Networking. Error code = 0x8000ffff 152

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.04 What Would Cause Incoming AMIS Message In Non AMI

Sounds like an incoming call to you system transmitted a "C" tone to indicate the start of a AMIS session. See

Since your system isn't configured for AMIS, it generated an error. Check your logs to see what corresponing inbound call you had at the time, and you should be able to track where the call originated.

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