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Unity 4.05 and 96 ports

I ordered Unity 4.05 with max ports and got 96 ports (I expected the ports to be 72). Now that 4.05 doesnt support more than 72 ports. I may have to install 4.2 to get 96 ports support.

Originally the system was licensed for Failover, but the servers didnt come in at the right time. So what we did was we installed Unity on a temporary server (one box, no failover). Unity version 4.05.

Now that the new servers have come, i want to install Unity on the servers in failover mode. I want support for 96 ports so i would like to install Unity 4.2.

Is the recommended way to do this

a. upgradine the existing server to Unity 4.2.

b. Then install Unity 4.2 on the new server (primary). License files will have to be changed as mac-address of server is changing.

c. do a dirt backup on existing server

d. do a dirt restore on new server.

e. Install second server in failover mode.

Am I on right track ?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.05 and 96 ports

Those are the right steps.

you might snag a dirt back up of the 4.0(5) system before you do an upgrade, just in case - but other than that, this is how I'd do it.

Re: Unity 4.05 and 96 ports

Thanks Jeff.

I cant have the same users in both Unity servers's at the same time correct ? So at what point do I de-commission the old server (Use Uninstall Unity tool to remove unity from old server). Before the DIRT restore on new server, should I uninstall Unity from old server, so that the users can be imported on new server ?

Re: Unity 4.05 and 96 ports

Never mind, read the reconfig guide for Unity, and it says before the DiRT restore, disconnect the old Unity server from the network and add the new Unity server to the network.

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