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Unity 4.05 - Change Partner Exchange Server

Going to new Partner Exchange server (2000 to 2003 as well).

I followed the link here:


last night. This is Unified Messaging WITH FAILOVER. I followed the

directions in the link above and when I get to the section where I have

add/remove the message store configuration on the primary server to change the

partner server the message store wizard just crashes.

I then tried just migrating the Unity_<ServerName> mailbox to the the new Exchange 2003 mailstore and re-running the message store configuration and this time I got a bit further but the message store configuration failed still (screenshot attached).

I used the latest permissions Wizard, it ran with no issues, etc.

tempu.log has this:

2006-11-10T23:52:38 - IAvDSConfig::Get(AV_DIR_CONNECTOR_NEWDISTLIST_ROOT) failed: 0x80072030 (e:\Views\cs_CU4.0.4.221\un_Doh2\UnityConfig\Setup\Ex2kSelectContainers.cpp 443)

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Re: Unity 4.05 - Change Partner Exchange Server

Did you ever get a resolution to this issue? I am trying to do the same thing

Unity 4.0(5) with Failover

Unified with Exchange2003

I am experiencing the same issue "the message store configuration wizard crashes after selecting the new parnter server and message store.

I have not tried moving the Unity_ mailbox.

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Re: Unity 4.05 - Change Partner Exchange Server

Does anyone know what causes this? I am trying to reconfigure Unity 4.2.1 with e2k3 using the message store config wizard to change partner servers and as soon as I select next after selecting the new mailstore, the wizard just closes, no action taken. I have seen this before but cant recall the fix. Thanks.

Re: Unity 4.05 - Change Partner Exchange Server

Hi -

I believe this is the bug you are encountering -

As per the recommendation notes, move the Unity_servername mailbox outside of the MSCW, then rerun MSCW. This worked for me.


Re: Unity 4.05 - Change Partner Exchange Server

Are you logged in as the Unity message store account when you are running the Message store configuration wizard?


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