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Unity 4.05 tool needed

Anyone know of tool that will give the quantity of unread messages for an individual subscriber? Current system is Unity 4.05 standalone.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.05 tool needed

You should be able to use the DohPropTest tool from the command line.

X:\Commserver\TechTools\dohproptest -a

Hit OK and then Ignore. Click on the Mail User you want and then Get Inbox. You'll be looking for the AVP_READ value. 1 is read, 0 is unread.


Community Member

Re: Unity 4.05 tool needed

You da man :)

couple more questions:

(i) Will the export key i see simply export the test, and not the users actual read messages? I want to export the data, but not sure of the impact on the users messages.

(ii) How can i determine the number of saved messages in a persons email? Do i simply count the number of Collection objects?

(iii) Anyway to do this for group of 50-60 users?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.05 tool needed

you might consider the Message Store Manager tool:

it includes an imbox report option that kicks out all kinds of data on messages in the mailstore that should give you more than you need for reporting purposes (it does not fetch messages out for you, though) - if you need messages extracted, I'd probably use Microsoft's ExMerge tool - it's designed for that type of thing - creates PST files for all messages in selected inboxes.

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Re: Unity 4.05 tool needed

Thank you, extremely helpful.

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