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Unity 4.1(1) with Exchange 2003 & 2007 questions

Our organization is planning a major upgrade this summer. We currently run Sun One Messaging server for email. We have Unity 4.1(1) partnered to an Exchange 2003 box for voice mail with about 400 users. The system is setup for unified messaging but we are only using it for voicemail at the moment.

This summer we are installing Exchange 2007 which will be our enterprise mail solution dropping the Sun product. We are very small staffed and just don't have time to upgrade Unity during the same time frame.

Once Exchange 2007 has been installed and all 400 user's mailboxes from Exchange 2003 have been moved to 2007, can Unity 4.1 still operate partnered to our current Exchange 2003 server? Will messages flow from the partner 2003 to the 2007 mail store without having to upgrade Unity to 5.x?



Re: Unity 4.1(1) with Exchange 2003 & 2007 questions

Unity 4.x does not work with Exchange 2007. You must upgrade Unity to 5.x for it work with subscribers homed in on Exchange 2007.

I would advise you to upgrade Unity first, then move to Exchange 2007. Re-run the mailstore and perm wizards to add in the new Exchange 2007 store and you are set to go.


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Re: Unity 4.1(1) with Exchange 2003 & 2007 questions

So even if I still have Exchange 2003 as the partner server (and mailboxes on 2007) it will not work?

I always thought that as long as 2003 was parnered with Unity 4.1 everything would work to buy some time to upgrade.

Re: Unity 4.1(1) with Exchange 2003 & 2007 questions

Because the Unity subscribers are on Exchange 2007, it will not work. You can use Exchange 2007 and 2003, but your Unity subscribers must be on Exchange 2003 when you are running Unity 4.x. If you are running Unity 5.x, it will work fine.

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