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Unity 4.2.1 DIRT Backup with Include Subscriber Messages

Has anyone seen the errors "Error 70 Permission Denied" followed by "Error 52 Bad File Name or Number" when using DIRT Backup v1.1 Build 8 with "Include Subscriber Messages" and Inbox selected?

The message store is Exchange 2003 SP2 on a separate server. The account used is UnityAdmin and is member of the Local Administrators group in Unity and Exchange. The same account runs ExMerge successfully on the Exchange 2003 server.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Unity 4.2.1 DIRT Backup with Include Subscriber Messages

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Re: Unity 4.2.1 DIRT Backup with Include Subscriber Messages

Thanks Rob!

This is the output of the SARAlog.txt when include messages is enabled.

2008/05/02 09:49:26 IDirectorySearch::GetColumn(distinguishedName) returned CN=Administrators,CN=Builtin,DC=eig,DC=ecogrp,DC=ca Error=[00000000] E:\views\kwiebe_cat\un_Applications\MailStoreRights\Sara\SaraRights.cpp:line(1448)

2008/05/02 09:49:26 Entering CSaraRights::CheckGroupMembership() Error=[00000000] E:\views\kwiebe_cat\un_Applications\MailStoreRights\Sara\SaraRights.cpp:line(1514)

2008/05/02 09:49:47 CheckGroupMembership() succeeded - is builtin admins member Error=[00000000] E:\views\kwiebe_cat\un_Applications\MailStoreRights\Sara\SaraRights.cpp:line(1464)

2008/05/02 09:49:47 User IS member of builtin admins Error=[00000000] E:\views\kwiebe_cat\un_Applications\MailStoreRights\Sara\SaraRights.cpp:line(1311)

2008/05/02 09:49:47 ADsGetObject(LDAP://,IID_IADS) failed Error=[80072032] E:\views\kwiebe_cat\un_Applications\MailStoreRights\Sara\SaraRights.cpp:line(345)

2008/05/02 09:49:47 GetTestObject() failed Error=[80072032] E:\views\kwiebe_cat\un_Applications\MailStoreRights\Sara\SaraRights.cpp:line(127)

2008/05/02 09:49:47 CSaraRights::CheckRights() failed Error=[80072032] E:\views\kwiebe_cat\un_Applications\MailStoreRights\Sara\SaraHandler.cpp:line(102)

2008/05/02 09:49:47 Entering CSaraRights::UnBindDC() Error=[00000000] E:\views\kwiebe_cat\un_Applications\MailStoreRights\Sara\SaraRights.cpp:line(1194)

It's showing a rights issue but the same account - UnityAdmin is able to run ExMerge without any issues.

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