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Unity 4.2(1) Failover Wizard Requires WINS???

I have reported this to TAC but have found that I have to run WINS in my network for the failover wizard to work properly in a new install.

I am not sure if they are going to have the BU notified but it seems to be a big problem since WINS is going the way of the dodo!

Anyone have a sample registry that I can check out so I can fix this without WINS? Does anyone else have this problem?


Re: Unity 4.2(1) Failover Wizard Requires WINS???

If you have to run WINS, then your DNS is not working correctly. You can also go around both of these DNS and WINS issues and put a record in the LMHOST file on each of the servers. This guarantees the host name resolution will work properly. We do this almost on every server for IPT just because we can afford to have a DNS or in your case, WINS problem.

So in summary

- do not put WINS in the network settings on either machine

- if you run Exchange you are DNS somewhere.. because it's AD DNS. Use this, have at least 2 servers.

- insert the machine names into the LMHOST file on each Unity server and other servers it needs to communicate to. (Exchange, domino, ad controllers, etc) Failover Monitor will refer to this for name resolution of the SQL partner.

hope this helps

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Re: Unity 4.2(1) Failover Wizard Requires WINS???

I agree with you, that is how we do our standard deployments BUT this is the Failover Wizard and it only reads what is in the "net view" list and does not read DNS or WINS. The application only lets you choose an object from your network neighborhood browser and it only is reading WINS no DNS from that browser. In previous versions of Unity the FO Wizard allowed manual input so it didn't need anything more than LMHOSTS to do the lookup.

Thanks for your feedback! Do you have a registry that you can export with failover enabled?


Re: Unity 4.2(1) Failover Wizard Requires WINS???

I can't recall in my last 4.2 FO Wizard... but I don't recall it going to network neighborhood to find the Unity Failover server.. I just typed in the name and hit next.

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